Electronic Common Prayer App Now For Android

Until today I had never paid 9.99 for an app, but I thought I should dig in and get the new Electronic Common Prayer.  This is a new app and a new way to Pray and so I have to jump in. The negatives: (because there is not that many) The Name: Electronic Common Prayer. […]


Halloween Episode of the Easter People Podcast

Continually one of the most fun things I do each month is to get to record the Easter People Podcast with Kyle Olive, Lisa Kimball, Jason Evans and guests. I don’t post each time an episode drops but today’s is a pretty funny one. Link to info for more stuff about the recording.

Can't Hurt

Online Advertising Your Pet Blessing Service

Every year the Episcopal Church has our own “Bring a Friend” Sunday.  We call it the St. Francis Pet Blessing Service.  I have always been surprised how easy it is for people to invite friends to this event.  To find out more about the Pet Blessing service check out this post from This is […]


Who Is My Favorite Web Host?

I get asked this alot. I love Bluehost. They are easy and cheap. They have great customer service. Unlike Go Daddy, they don’t do any crazy advertising and don’t hit you over the head with added features. For a simple wordpress site they are really the best way to go as they have a great […]


Four Clicks To A More Secure Facebook

People always ask me about privacy settings on Facebook.  I feel like I have pretty moderate to strict settings.  Here are mine. 1.  Check your Timeline Privacy Settings   2. Next check your application permissions. Remove any app that is on there that you no longer use.  Below that you can edit your […]


Unlocking the Power of Gmail with Gmail Labs

Some of the power of Gmail has to actually be enabled.  These are the Gmail Labs.  Once Google decides a Lab is absolutely amazing they make it a standard part of Gmail. These are my Labs that I think make ministry and email easier and more efficient. Canned Responses Google Maps Previews in mail Mark […]