Social Media and Youth Ministry #EYE14

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The Holy Geek is Travelling to #EYE14 to Some Social Media Goodness

Tomorrow I head to Philadelphia for the 2014 Episcopal Youth Event.  I have been lucky enough to be on the Mission Team Again. For me this is always a great time as I get to use a lot of my talents. Youth Ministry, Tech Skill and a heaping huge dose of whatever you need me […]


Six sided music video cube or Google reminding us how smart they are…

Ever now and then Google reminds me how smart they are.  This time it comes from the Google Australia office where they built a 6 sided Music Video Cube.  As you rotate it the music and video changes. I am not sure of the practical implications.  However every now and then I think it is […]


Four Clicks To A More Secure Facebook

People always ask me about privacy settings on Facebook.  I feel like I have pretty moderate to strict settings.  Here are mine. 1.  Check your Timeline Privacy Settings  http://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=timeline   2. Next check your application permissions. http://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications Remove any app that is on there that you no longer use.  Below that you can edit your […]


Unlocking the Power of Gmail with Gmail Labs

Some of the power of Gmail has to actually be enabled.  These are the Gmail Labs.  Once Google decides a Lab is absolutely amazing they make it a standard part of Gmail. These are my Labs that I think make ministry and email easier and more efficient. Canned Responses Google Maps Previews in mail Mark […]

Something to do with dying

Facebook Ads for your church 6 steps

Hopefully by now your church has a Facebook Page. Hopefully by now your church is posting to it regularly. Rather than spend this post arguing whether you should or should not advertise on Facebook I will leave you with one number.  699 million.  That’s the monthly active number of Facebook users. You may say that […]


Chicago Photosphered and how to do it

I love my Nexus 5 and most of all I love taking Photospheres with it.  Here are some that I just took in Chicago. Views: Cloud Gate in Chicago by Randall Curtis Views: Church of the Ascension by Randall Curtis   Views: First United Methodist Church at Chicago Temple by Randall Curtis To see more […]

Grand Canyon   Google Maps

The Colorado River Google Mapped: There went my day

Google has mapped 286 miles of the Colorado River with amazing quality.  They actually mounted a camera to a raft that takes photos every few seconds.  The end product is amazing. View Larger Map


Eformation: 10 Things Eformation is Like

So every now and then you find yourself on a poster surrounded by  really smart people and you think, “How did that happen?” This is one of those times for me.  I am so excited to again be a part of the Eformation Conference.  June 2nd -4th. Here is a great press release about Eformation, […]

Zatarans and Easter People #10

Easter People Podcast #10. We made it to Double digits and we are not stopping.

We have made it to 10 Episodes of the Easter People podcast.  This week’s episode is all about Lent. Easter People Episode #10 I have to say that this is still one of the most fun things I do.  For me this podcast is a like sitting around with a group of friends who are […]