Eformation: 10 Things Eformation is Like

eformationpostrerSo every now and then you find yourself on a poster surrounded by  really smart people and you think, “How did that happen?”

This is one of those times for me.  I am so excited to again be a part of the Eformation Conference.  June 2nd -4th.

Here is a great press release about Eformation, but I thought I’d offer 10 other things that Eformation is like.


    1. Eformation is like taking a big group of friends out who both love the church but also love cat videos on youtube.
    2. Eformation is like getting to 144 characters with a really snarky tweet that you know @Unvirtuousabbey is going to retweet
    3. Eformation is like finishing a Google+ Hangout church meeting with no lag.
    4. Efomation is like completing a Canva graphic that your vestry loves.
    5. Eformation is like getting on WhatsApp and a teenager in your church saying, ” Woa! that’s cool.”
    6. Eformation is like finishing an Easter People Podcast Episdoe and realizing there is still another Easter People Podcast you haven’t listened too.
    7. Eformation is like getting your Gmail inbox to Zero and letting everyone know your inbox is at Zero.
    8. Eformation is being able to answer the parishoner in your parish about why you no longer have a Myspace page.
    9. Eformation is being able to have a nice responsive clean website with no background music and knowing why. (Go ahead and click play on it…you want too)

    10. Eformation is being able to say, “We have multiple Christian Formation groups that meet online and in homes through our hybrid small group ministry.
  • http://www.kyleoliver.net/ Kyle Matthew Oliver

    These are great, Randall. So glad to have you on board again this year!