Mail Apps for IOS: Holy Guest Geek Review

It is no secret that  my love for all things Apple goes as high as I can jump.

Every now and then I feel like I should post something about Apple also.  Luckily, since I don’t use them I have Holy Geek Friends who do.  So I welcome The Rev. Jesse Perkins.

I have tried many different mail apps for my iPhone recently.  Thought I’d share my findings:

  1. Sparrow.  Yes, still.  While it is no longer supported since it was acquired by Google, it still has the best interface.  Downside: you have to jailbreak to get automatic updates for your Inbox (Push or periodic).  Don’t buy if you are not jailbreaking.
  2. Apple Mail.  Built-in, works with other iPhone apps, nice interface.  Missing features: Push, Gmail contacts sync, and new messages in the Inbox do not have the entire conversation with them.  Also, trashing a message is not one click, but a move to the Trash.
  3. Mailbox. Great UI, easy integration with dropbox, I like the scheduling feature for emails.  Major drawback: no access for your existing folders/labels.  Maybe they will add this small feature in the future.
  4. Seed Mail.  This one was beautiful, slick, and easy to use.  I loved it.  Except… it had no archive button.  So the most frequently performed task in my Inbox was not easily accessible.  Bummer.
  5. MyMail.  Weird graphics, and no archive button.  See #3.  
  6. Evomail+.  Nice app, cool navigation.  It would be great except it kept crashing.
  7. Gmail for iOS.  Feature rich, but slower than the others.  Also, no unified inbox.  (really?!)  

Ok, there you have it.  For now, I’m using Sparrow because I’ve jailbroken my Iphone and it still does exactly what I need it to do.  Otherwise, I’d go with the built in app until one of these others gets it together.  

PS- this is what happens when we have two snow days.

Jesse Perkin’s (@jesse_s_perkins) geek credential include a BS in computer science and being  former computer programmer.  He also collects Star Trek Christmas Ornaments, watches Dr.Who and named his child after a character in Battle Star Galactica.


Gaius is his name. Gaius is also a Biblical Name, but I am going with Battlestar Galactica.

He is also the Rector at St. Mark’s Jonesborro and a good friend.  

Featured  Image from Flick Creative Common.  (Sadly the only place to see a R2D2 Mailbox is at the Smithsonian now.  The story behind them is here.)

  • Karen Schlabach

    Hey, so that “trashing a message is not one click, but a move to the Trash” was also super-annoying to me. I figured out it’s actually a setting you can change that’s buried. Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar, > Select your Gmail account > Select the “Account” link at the top > Select “Advanced” at the bottom > Change the “Move Discarded Messages Into:” to “Deleted Mailbox” … so yeah, BURIED. But possible to change.

  • Jesse

    Hey Karen- thanks for that tip. Seems that you have to choose between “archive” and “delete”, and I’d sure like to have my choice on the fly. I tend to archive most emails, and delete ads/facebook notifications/etc that I know I will never need again.