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Which denomination is being searched?

With Google Trends we can see what is being searched by the world.  This got me wondering whether or not our denominations are “Searchworthy” (to borrow Seinfeld’s “spongeworthy” episode). Are people looking for us?

The chart doesn’t look great for any of us. Is this a strong statement from society about our relevance today?

You may wonder how helpful and accurate this is.  Try exploring it yourself at Google Trends.

I have noticed that even with local congregations you will see spikes when something has happened that is newsworthy. An example of that is Moore, OK. You can see when the tornadoes hit.


4 thoughts on “Which denomination is being searched?

  1. That’s a really interesting search! I also did one where I added “catholic” to the graph, kind of expecting to see a bit of an upturn with the new pope, but no, it’s the same trend as the rest.

  2. Hey Randall – cool post –
    I think it’s actually great news: This means that those people who have been searching have found what they’re looking for! And now that they have joined those churches, have no need to ask Dr. Google any more questions…
    Happy Advent

  3. brilliant randall! i added Baptist and this was way higher on the number of searches but also a downward trend. i added spiritual and this had a decline until around 2010 and then was on a slight incline. this is really interesting.

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