Girl Scouts vs. Sunday School part 1

So, let me start by saying I am a big fan of all things Girls Scouts.

  •  I like the cookies. 
  •  I like the values they teach. 
  •  I like that my daughter likes going, and that I get a hour with my wife for dinner 2 nights a month. 

 But it makes me wonder. 

Has the Church abdicated teaching values, morals, and just general nice behaviors to the Girl scouts and Boy Scouts?  If so, what can we learn from the scouts?

As I am dropping my daughter off for our very first meeting I am very impressed.  The Troop Leader gives me a sheet of the entire year’s calendar plus a page on what values they will be learning.  My daughter immediately was having fun with a craft.  They got her excited about being a part of the larger Girl Scout community.  I think she is even excited about selling cookies. And that was only after one meeting.

So why don’t parent’s feel like this about Christian formation at church?  If I spoke to the church leaders today and told them they best thing they could do is start a Sunday School class on Tuesday night from 5:30-7pm twice a month, they would laugh at me.  They would wonder, why would anyone come.

 Later at home I asked my wife.  Why are we doing this?  Why are 20 families bringing their daughters to a church on Tuesday nights twice a month for an hour and half? These question brought about this conversation.

Wife:  Well, it’s the values they teach like teamwork and responsibility.
Me:  Well, what the hell is the church doing then?
Wife: They have the long tradition.
Me:  I think we have about 2000 years on them.

So have we laid down and let cookie selling, vest wearing, badge collecting girl scouts (and other community organizations) take over this kind of essential formation.  

And if so why?
Readon to Part 2 on the next post.

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