Finding photos on the web with a Google search with Creative Commons licenses

You may be like me, always looking for photos you can use on the web for blog posts and other uses. You would think that Google, who is pretty good at search, had figured out how to search for images with Creative Commons licenses that you could reuse.

They have since 2009 but it wasn’t really easy to get too.  But recently, Google just made it even easier to search for images with various reuse licenses.

First, go to and search for anything that you want.  Here I have searched for pugs.  Your first results will be general search results, but you can click on “Images” (marked number 1 in the below pic) and you should see this screen.



Now click on Search tools (marked number 2) and you will be given multiple ways to sort the photos.

Click on “Usage Rights” circled below and be amazed in how easy that was.  Now of course once you find your images check and see how you need to reference the image. Here is a great page that I bookmark listing how to attribute various Creative Commons Images.



Google has some more information about all of these various licenses here.

Don’t mind paying a little for your images?  I use as a great way to buy photos that are typically $1 for the size I need.  I then drop them into to make them look great.

Featured image used from Flikr Creative Commons 2.0 User Jilll Watson

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