Online Advertising Your Pet Blessing Service

Every year the Episcopal Church has our own “Bring a Friend” Sunday.  We call it the St. Francis Pet Blessing Service.  I have always been surprised how easy it is for people to invite friends to this event.  To find out more about the Pet Blessing service check out this post from

This is the perfect time to run some great Facebook posts that might bring some people to you. Here are a couple you may like as well as a quick tutorial on how to make them for your church.

For lunch or dinner, I will even make them for you.

These were made using and image from  Canva is free and images from should cost you about a dollar.

  1. Buy the bulldog photo file from 123rf.  You will need to buy it to use these graphics I have made, but you can buy the smallest version which will cost 1 credit.  You buy these credits in packs that last a year and this photo should cost you 1 credit which equals 1 dollar.
  2. Click on the link to take you to the editable Canva version.  If you don’t have Canva account it is free and you want one.  You are welcome.
  3. Edit the Text Box by clicking over it in the text box.
  4. Download the Canva image by clicking on the Download button at the top  of the Canva Page.  
  5. Post to Facebook and show all your friends how creative you are.  When posting this you can try “Boosting the Post” by paying a little to advertise it and get it to more people.  It probably won’t work for a long time as there is too much text.  Facebook says that you can have at the most 20% text in a boosted post.  (Need help with a Facebook Ad account check out this post) So, that being the case,  you might ask your member’s to share it when you post it.  This will make sure more people see it.



Link to Editable Canva Version

123rf link to this file


Link to editable Canva Version link to this file

All this sound too crazy and complicated, then let me do it for you.

I can edit any one of these posts and email them to you.  Just email me (  to see if I have time.

What I will need from you

  • Church Name
  • Church’s Web Address
  • Location of your Pet Blessing Service
  • Date and Time of Service
  • Email address where you want the graphic and when you need it done by

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