Developing a Social Media Strategy For Your Church

It is so important to have a goal and strategy for jumping into the social media world.  Businesses know this and social media gurus make a ton of money telling people this.

In chuches many times people will say we need a Pinterest Board or we need a Twitter account or who is managing our Myspace presence.  Maybe they see the church down the street doing it or maybe 20/20 told them that was the newest thing.  Rather than opening an account on every service and then updating only a few of them regularly, take the time to decide on a Social Media Strategy.

To help with that I have created a very simple worksheet that will let your digital mission team (you have one of those right?) decide what services they are going to use and and how they are going to use those services.  This sheet also includes the most overlooked part of a strategy.  Deciding a measurable goal.  It may be that the Snapchat account you are using really isn’t bringing in new people.  Drop it, and put more effort into something else.

Click here for the Social Media Strategy Worksheet

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