4 Steps to Prevent People From Copying Your Facebook Profile

A very common social media attack on Facebook is people copying Facebook profiles and then messaging all the friends of that profile to ask for money and other things.  Believe it or not this works.  Also, once your friends unknowingly accept the friend request,  then often the Facebook CopyCat will copy all of their friends lists also and do the same to them.

It is also very easy to prevent by changing your privacy settings so that that strangers can not see your friend list.  If they can’t see who your friends are, then they wont take the time to copy your profile as there is no way to make any money off it.

So here are your four steps to a more secure Facebook profile.

  1.  Go to your Facebook profile


2. Go to your friends list


3. Edit the privacy settings for your friends list by clicking here.


4.  Change your settings to only let friends and yourself see your friends list or only yourself.  Then click done.


Now sit back and relax.  There is now no reason for someone to copy your profile as they don’t have any people to ask for money once they copy it.


UPDATE:  Another easy link that may take you directly there:  https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=privacy.  

2 thoughts on “4 Steps to Prevent People From Copying Your Facebook Profile

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  1. I hope there is yet another way. I look at the friends we have in common, to help determine whether to accept a friend request from someone I do not remember, or know particularly well. So there is some utility in sharing the friend list with strangers. Is there another way to block highjackers?


    1. Not really. If you have your list as public to strangers than I can copy your friends list and download your profile pic and cover photo. Then it is just a matter of sending out Friend requests and asking for money.


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