Obsessed With Why for Churches

More and more I am becoming obsessed with why we do things in churches.  Part of this has been reinforced by Simon Sinek and his book “Start with WHY.”  Basically, he says people don’t buy and really engage with what you are doing, but why you are doing it.

His example is of a business that just speaks about their products without talking about the vision or mission of the company.  The message from most PC companies, for example,  has been “We sell fast computers”, while Apple has told us through their various slogans “We are breaking the mold, we are innovating, and oh yeah we sell computers.” There is a huge difference there.

In the same way, I see churches spending their time talking about what they do or even worse need.  We have three worship services. We have a Sunday night group for teenagers at 5:30pm.  We need your pledge to make our budget so we can have more times to meet.

What would it be like for every ministry of your church to ask “Why are we doing this?”

  • Why do we do youth ministry?
  • Why do we have three different services?
  • Why is stewardship important?

Then invite people to that.  Invite people to come to your youth ministry because you are building a community of teenagers that are going to grow up knowing that God and the Church are worth being involved in.  Invite them to three services because each service is developed to reach individuals at different times of their faith journey.  Invite them to give to your church through stewardship because giving to a faith community will fundamentally change who they are and how they interact with the world.

Find your WHYS for your church and try inviting people to that.

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